Well, mind for a little dance today?

For every sip you take a donation is made

No House Wine.

The only wine house that builds houses for South Africa

The concept is simple. There’s House Wine and there’s No House Wine. No House Wine builds houses in South Africa for those who need them the most: Aids orphans, and displaced families.

Local love

The houses are built in collaboration with the HomePlan Foundation and local organisations. These organisations make it possible for the children to go to school, and they provide school uniforms and health care. 

Check  Mbali’s story, a little orphan girl from Kwazulu Natal, who now has a home and a future, thanks to your support of No House Wine.



70 houses is a small village...

Every bottle is a brick

Raising a glass to a wonderful future

For every bottle you buy, you give a brick back to South Africa. And every bottle of sparkling wine means two bricks. It’s as simple as that. So far, with all of these separate bricks we have been able to build 70 houses.

Sip by sip, brick by brick, together we are doing something really cool.

Buy a bottle, invite friends, feel... befok*

It's simple and it works.

*Befok is Afrikaans for cool, great, amazing . We are proud of all the people raising their glasses filled with No House Wine, so that children have the opportunity to grow up in a ‘home’. You are befok!