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No House Wine

Organic No House Wine is made for everyone who celebrates life, with a good and honestly produced glass of South African wine. The wines are young, fresh and vegan. ’.

Our wines are available from liquor stores, online shops, restaurants. (We are building on our distribution network, if you have great tips, feel welcome just call Jeroen 0031 6 21 390 491)

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No House Wine Shiraz


No House Wine Shiraz is an organic wine. It’s nice and juicy with hints of lovely dark fruit. Aged on oak, it has a deep red colour, smokey aroma, and a spicy hint of pepper. Perfect for (dinner) parties, during your BBQ or in combination with a strong piece of cheese.

100% Organic

100% Vegetarian

100% Fair for Life


No House Wine

All Organic, vegan & fair for life

No House Wine Chenin Blanc

The wine is young and dances in the glass. It has beautiful light golden colour. It’s packed with fruit, guava, sweet melon and has a nicely balanced acidity.

100% All Organic

100% Vegan

100% Fair for Life

Organic, Vegan…Yummy

Double the bubble!

The new No House Sparkling Wine made is made for you by our friend, the friendly but talented  Klaas Coetzee. Chenin Blanc is fresh, fruity with a surprisingly soft bubbly mouth feeling. It adds a double bubble to your bliss zone. Organic, vegan, en yummie..!

For every sip you take a donation is made

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